Canonical Open Community Competition

Canonical Open Community Competition

May 11, 2023 from 4:45 pm to 6:00 pm

Open Community Competition is available to attendees of the DORS/CLUC conference, and is sponsored by Cannonical.

Do you have an open source project that you want to show off? We want to see it! 

We’re looking for members of the community who are using open source in an exciting or innovative way. 

Whether you’re a programmer, systems administrator, robotics engineer or just a tinkerer with an interesting github repository, we want to hear from you. Those who are determined by our organizer judges to have the most interesting project, will walk away with an Ubuntu swag pack!


The competition will be scored, in a fashion similar to the Eurovision Contest, by a panel of judges as well as the audience!

The judges will comprise the DORS team and the organization sponsors. Each judge will be able to choose their favorite project and give it 12 points. The second place will get 6 points, and the third 2.

The audience score will be equivalent to the number of judges, so if there are 10 judges in the panel, the audience score will then be a whooping 120 points for the best project, 60 and 20 points for the runner-ups.

The bonus points will be assigned automatically to the presented projects, using the following criteria:

  • Related to Canonical technologies or Ubuntu, 24 points.
  • Designed entirely during the competition and not before, 24 points.
  • Demonstrated live during the competition, 48 points.

This event is sponsored by Canonical. Please see our competition terms and conditions.

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