Trust me, trust my open data

Trust me, trust my open data

May 12, 2023 from 12:15 pm to 12:45 pm

Speaker: Angela Baker

An essential part of persuading people about the benefits of open data is giving them assurance that the data is reliable, of high quality and maintained properly. And that the people responsible for it (and the processes they use) are trustworthy. Where these conditions are met the value to society, citizens and the economy can be enormous.

Trust in data and data processes (across the whole data spectrum) also has the potential to unlock great value for the economy, society, and the environment, by improving public services and increasing efficiency and effectiveness in business. Research by Frontier Economics has shown that a 25% increase of trust in data could generate an additional 47.3 to 118.3 billion US$ to the global economy. So what needs to happen next in the data ecosystem to ensure that open data (and data across the spectrum) can be trusted?

Join this session to hear more about the Open Data Institute, understand about the value of open data, data assurance, and how building trust in data and data practices can support people, organisations, and the wider economy.