Talk Announcements by Bogomil Shopov

Talk Announcements by Bogomil Shopov

Join us for two engaging talks by Bogomil Shopov, a passionate advocate for free and open-source software, cybersecurity, and ethical design.

1. Talk: “What tools are available for first-time OSM mappers and why contribute.”

As a community, we strive to ensure the quality of OpenStreetMap remains high. Join Bogomil on a journey where he’ll showcase the tools available for absolute beginners in OpenStreetMap mapping. Discover how to progress to the next level and understand the impact even a single change a day can have on the map’s quality.

2. Talk: “Where Did All the Fun Go? And How to Bring It Back with Thunderbird and Heavy Metal.”

In this thought-provoking talk, Bogomil will address the decline of fun in the software industry and challenge us to bring back the joy of work using free and open-source software. Reflecting on his own journey, he’ll explore how the IT profession has evolved and reminisce about the joyous moments of the past. Join Bogomil in uncovering ways to reignite the fun in our work and explore the intersection of heavy metal, emotions, and open-source contributions.

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