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DORS/CLUC 2023 – 11 – 12 May 2023. 28th Croatian Linux Users’ Conference, was held on Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb.

Filled with amazing speakers and sponsors, we had a blast at our 28th DORS/CLUC conference! Some of the highlights this year were keynote speakers Marko Budiselić, co-founder and CTO of the Croatian open source companies MemgraphJeffrey A. McGuire, Open Strategy PartnersLina Ceballos project manager at Free Software Foundation Europe and Zvonimir Sabljić, the founder of another Croatian open source company – Ptyhagora. The conference was filled with praiseworthy workshops and lectures featuring a group of outstanding people. You can read all about it and about all others speakers and their talks on DORS/CLUC 2023

DORS/CLUC 2022 – After two years of Covid break, on 19 – 20 May 2022, 27th Croatian Linux Users’ Conference was held once again on Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb, all thanks to our Friends and Sponsors.
This year we had some amazing keynote speakers, like our Italo Vignoli with his talk ‘Open Source and Open Standards for Digital Sovereignty’, Brenno Winter and ‘Securing privacy-friendly coronatech while herding cats’ and Nancy Beers with ‘The Power of Serious Play’, where she took her talk to a all new level and made us play games (we loved it!).
You can read all about it and about all others speakers and their talks on official DORS/CLUC 2022 page.
DORS 2020-2021 – Due to COVID Pandemic we were forced to have two-years break.
DORS 2019 – 18 – 19 April 2019, 26th Croatian Linux Users’ Conference, held on Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb.
Keynote speaker this year was Italo Vignoli, a director at Open Source Initiative, a founding member of The Document Foundation and Associazione LibreItalia, and the Chairman Emeritus of the latter. We could hear him talking how LibreOffice is a FOSS dream come true. In spite of all obstacles the project has been growing in every continent and is now close to its 10th anniversary. An overview of the current status, and a glimpse into the future.
We had chance to see and hear a lot of great talks given by amazing speakers this year. Some of the names are: Ivana Devčić, Tomislav Smolčić, Hans de Raad and Robin Edgar, Bruno banelli, Stjepan Ledinski and many more. You can read all about it on official DORS/CLUC 2019 page.
DORS 2018 – 19 – 20 April 2018 was time for 25th Croatian Linux Users’ Conference, held again on Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb. You can read more about our Keynote speakers (Henne Vogelsang, Igor Ljubunčić, Marc-André Pezin, HAns de Raad and Robin Edgar) and conference in general on official DORS/CLUC 2018 page.
DORS 2017 – 31 May – 02 June 2017 on FER, Zagreb was held 24th Croatina Linux Users’ Conference, with keynote speakers Marian Marinov, Hans de Raad and Robin Edgar. You can read more about other speakers and conference in general on official DORS/CLUC 2017 page.
DORS 2016 – On May 11th – 13th 2016. on Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing was held 23rd Days of Open Systems with keynote speakers: Sonia Montegiove, Aaron Seigo, Matthias Kirschner, Dorian Ivančić, Marian Marinov, Özcan Esen. You can read more about DORS/CLUC 2015 on official DORS/CLUC 2016 page.
DORS 2015 – May 18th-20th 2015. the Conference was held once again on the grounds of Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing. Brian King, Hans de Raad, Sam Tuke, Guido Arnold, Jos Poortvliet, Gjis Hillennius were some of the names you could hear talking. You can read more about DORS/CLUC 2015 on official DORS/CLUC 2015 page.
DORS 2014 – June 16-18 2014. in cooperation with the Croatian Chamber of Commerce (HGK), the 21st in a row conference Dani otvorenih računarskih sustava/Croatian Users’ Linux Convention 2014.
Some of the keynote speakers this year were: Georg Greve, Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph, Miklos Vakjna, Dave Whiteland, Marian Marinov, Harald Welte.
You can read more about the topics and the conference at pages of DORS/CLUC 2014 conference.

DORS 2013 – From May 15 to 17, 2013, the jubilee 20th in a row conference Dani otvorenih računarskih sustava/Croatian Users’ Linux Convention 2013 was held.

Now traditionally, we have the honor to highlight the Croatian Chamber of Commerce (HGK) as a co-organizer of the DORS/CLUC 2013 conference.

We are proud and honored that the President of the Republic of Croatia, Dr. Ivo Josipović, graced the 20th jubilee conference with his patronage and visit.

The main speakers have ensured that the program was rich in current topics about free software in the world and in Croatia this year as well. You can read more about the topics and the conference on DORS/CLUC 2013 conference page.

DORS 2012 – From May 23 to 25, 2012, the 19th manifestation Dani otvorenih računarskih sustava/Croatian Users’ Linux Convention 2012 was held.
It was our pleasure to highlight the Croatian Chamber of Commerce (HGK) as a co-organizer of the DORS/CLUC 2012 conference. We are proud that the Croatian Chamber of Commerce recognized the importance of this conference and the topic it deals with.
We want to highlight the guest appearance of Darko Parić, Assistant Minister of the Administration for Informatization, from whom we had the opportunity to hear about the plans of the Government of the Republic of Croatia in the field of informatization of public administration with special reference to the intentions of wider use of free software.
Keynote speaker Prof. Brian Fitzgerald, (Limerick, Ireland), told us about successful and less successful implementations of free software in the public sector, presenting experiences on projects in four countries.
A round table was held at the conference – open data. The organizers of the table were HGK, HrOPEN and HULK . The round table was moderated by Zoran Šprajc, and the participants were: Marko Rakar, a political consultant specializing in communications
Darko Parić, Assistant Minister of Administration
Ante Mandić, representative of HGK, director of IN2
Milan Rajačić, member of HULK’s supervisory board.
DORS 2011 –The DORS/CLUC 2011 event was held in May 2011. This year, for the first time, the Croatian Chamber of Commerce (HGK) was the co-organizer of the event, which brought great new opportunities in the organization.
The first two days were conference-type, with more than 30 lectures, and the third day was filled with 5 workshops and seminars.
The keynote speaker at the conference was Mark Shuttleworth, the founder of the company Cannonical, which takes care of the development of Ubuntu Linux, and he gave an extremely well-attended and interesting lecture “Roadmap for Desktop Linux”.
Other invited foreign speakers included Italo Vignoli with the lecture “The Document Foundation and LibreOffice”, Dr. Maha Shaikh: “Framing the Conundrum of Total Cost of Ownership of Open Source Software”, Jan Wildeboer: “Open – The New Now” and Bob Blatchford: “Measuring openness and opening public procurement”. The third day was filled with seminars and workshops by Nikola Kapravljević, Infinum: “Development of Android applications”, Dobrica Pavlinušić: “Linux Containers (LXC) and cgroups or why are you wasting resources with other virtualizations”, Matija Nalis: ” IPv6 in practice”, Luka Unuk: “VoIP – open telephony for everyone” and Dražen Odobasic: “Development of mapping applications in the Openlayers javascript web mapping framework”.
More than 200 visitors, the keynote speaker who is currently the most interesting person in the open source scene, the participation of representatives of OpenForum Europe at the event and the extremely constructive co-organization of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce made the 18th DORS/CLUC the most successful in the history of all events, surpassing the extremely successful ones in 1994, 1997, 2005 and 2006
DORS 2010 – DORS/CLUC 2010 were held in May 2010 with the title “Tux on Fire and Ice”, inspired by the problems caused by the Icelandic vuklan, due to which the traffic over most of Europe was suspended.
The first day of the conference was held with two parallel tracks in in the afternoon.
It featured keynote speakers Florian Schießl who lectured on Linux implementation in the city of Munich, Andrew Aksyonoff with the topic “Sphinx”, and old acquaintance Harald Welte with the topics “What can the community do to enforce GPL violations?” and “GSM security nightmares : experiences from running own GSM network”.
Over the next two days, 8 workshops were held: Andrew Aksyonoff, Sphinx: “Sphinx”, M.Sc. Živana Komlenov: “Moodle 2.0 highlights”, Dobrica Pavlinušić: “Virtual LDAP”, Darko Boto, APIS-IT: “GIS”, Andrew Aksyonoff: “Why know algorithms”, Ante Karamatić: “Zimbra”, Dobrica Pavlinušić: “How to make Google from its building with computers?” and Senko Rašić: “GIT”.
ClucDors2009DORS 2009 – How to overcome the crisis more easily? How to get often better, more innovative and more interoperable IT solutions with much lower costs? How to get rid of dependence on always the same providers? For which products is there quality support in Croatia? You could hear all that on this years conference.
DORS 2008 – The co-organizer of this central and oldest Croatian manifestation in the field of open systems, the GNU/Linux operating system, standards in informatics and Open Source philosophy, is this year again the Central State Office for e-Croatia.
The first two days were conference-type, in which some of the most important European GNU/Linux and Open Source development engineers and promoters of open standards took part. :Alan Cox from Red Hat, one of the main developers of the Linux kernel,Harald Welte(Netfilter/IPtables),Machtelt Garrels (author of the Linux manual and workshop on OpenDocument Format),Andrew Shitov (, PERL),Wim Vandeputte (OpenBSD) and many other domestic and foreign authors.
The third day is scheduled for seminars and workshops.
DORS 2007 – The already traditional annual conference organized by the Croatian Association for Open Systems and the Internet and the Croatian Association of Linux Users, gathers both enthusiasts and business users who would like to hear more about the applications of these technologies in practice.
The three days of the conference are divided into two days of various lectures and one a day dedicated to workshops.
The lectures were held mostly by young experts who presented the solutions and systems they are currently working on. Among the interesting technical topics that were presented were the Alfresco document management system, the Nagios computer and network monitoring system, and the object-relational mapping library in the Ruby language called Rails ActiveRecords.
As in many similar conferences, there was a noticeable shift from the lecture and description mode. which dealt more with the problems of “what” and “how” in a way that deals more with experiences in real application – thus there are fewer and fewer highly professional lectures whose topics are programming and administrative, and more and more those that deal with experiences in already existing applications and expanding to new areas.
Accordingly, the motto of the conference “Open Source at the Gates” is about exactly that – it is no longer so much about a pioneering field that is yet to come, but about something that is already here.
 DORS 2006 – Ove godine nam je čast spomenuti da se u organizaciji ove središnje i najstarije hrvatske manifestacije iz područja otvorenih sustava, operacijskog sustava Linux, normi u informatici i Open Source filozofije, kao suorganizator po prvi puta pojavio i Središnji državni ured za e-Hrvatsku. Konferncija je trajala tri dana, gdje su prva dva dana bila posvećena predavanjima, a treći dan su se održavale radionice. Na konferenciji su sudjelovali: Theodore Ts’o, IBM Linux kernel developer, Rasmus Lerdorf, Yahoo! Autor skriptnog jezika PHP. Russell Nelson, Board of Directors Open Source Initiative, Luis Casas Luengo, Director of Foundation for the Development of Science and Technology (FUNDECYT).
DORS 2005 – manifestacija u trajanju tri dana započela je prvi dan sa četiri zanimljive radionice: Netfilter/iptables firewall administration, Shell skripte za administratore, QOS i kontrola sadržaja, te Open Source Bussines Model.
Druga dva dana bila su posvećena predavanjima na kojima su uvodne govore započeli strani predavači: Hans Reiser. autor RaiserFS-a, dr. Wietse Venema, Postfix, Coroner’s Toolkit, SATAN, te Harald Welte, Netfilter/iptables.
 DORS 2004 – manifestacija u trajanju tri dana započela je prvi dan sa dvije zanimljive radionice: Linux Power Tools i Podešavanje IPSEC podrške u 2.6 kernelima.
Druga dva dana bila su posvećena predavanjima koja su obuhvatila zanimljive aktualne teme: od poslovne uporabe Linuxa u tvrtkama i državnim institucijama, preko lokalizacije, optimalnog korištenja Open Source baza, SAMBA-e, SNORT-a, uporabe uredskog programskog paketa OpenOffice, razvoja programske podrške pod GNU licencom, do sigurnih bežičnih mreža pogonjenih Linuxom te VoIP rješenja. Središnja osoba i predavač-uvodničar oba konferencijska dana bio je g. Ken Coar, dopredsjednik Apache Software Foundation i član izvornog tima programera Apache Web poslužitelja, čiji je trenutni internetski tržišni udio više od 67 posto.
 DORS 2003 – ponovo u trajanju od tri dana. Prvi dan je bio posvećen radionicama: instalacija i mogućnosti te Linux u IPv6 mrežama. Drugi dan je posvećen otvorenim programskim alatima za razvoj Web aplikacija te njihovoj integraciji s “onim drugim svijetom”. Treći dan je održan CLUC V s pregledom tehnoloških aktualnosti na području Linuxa i srodnih Open Source rješenja.
DORS 2002 – trajali su dva dana. Prvi dan bio je posvećen ebXML-u (ujutro) i otvorenom pristupu informatici (poslijepodne). Teme drugog dana su bile Linux i Open source. I ove godine manifestaciju su zajedno organizirali HrOpen i HULK.
 DORS 2001 – NOVO DOBA pružio je članovima i gostima predavanja o naprednim uslugama Interneta poput posluživanja protočne multimedije, WAP-a, m-commerca, te sigurnosti na Internetu, dok je popodne bilo rezervirano za CLUC 1/3 – skup predavanja o novostima iz područja Linuxa i Open Source-a. Manifestaciju su ponovo zajedno organizirali HrOpen i HULK.
 DORS 2000 – otvoreni razgovori trajali su tri dana, za vrijeme kojih se održalo ukupno 15 okruglih stolova. Manifestaciju su ponovo zajedno organizirali HrOpen i HULK.Teme prvih dva dana obuhvatile su mnoge interesantne i aktualne teme otvorenog računarstva, dok je treći dan bio posvećen isključivo Linuxu.Više o manifestaciji možete saznati na DORS 2000 Web stranicama, gdje se nalazi popis tema i aktivnih sudionika u raspravama, te linkovi i prezentacije.
Tema DORS ’99 bila je operacijski sustav Linux.Manifestaciju su organizirali HrOpen i HULK – Hrvatska udruga Linux korisnika. Održano je 13 predavanja i dva seminara – Mala škola Linuxa i Linux kao napredni usmjerivač (router). Manifestaciji je prisustvovalo oko 120 sudionika.
 Udruga HrOpen nastoji aktivno doprinijeti razvoju i promicanju ove uzbudljive grane suvremene računalne tehnologije kod nas. Tako je Forum stavio svojim članovima na raspolaganje sigurni posluživač Weba, jedan od prvih u našoj zemlji. Članovi Foruma su aktivno sudjelovali u nekoliko projekata vezanih uz elektroničko plaćanje, kako ono “klasično”, tako i ono “suvremeno” (elektronica gotovina).
 Godine 1997. HrOpen je uz pomoć EurOpena i USENIX-a organizirao međunarodnu manifestaciju Open to the WWWorld, koja je okupila petnaestak stranih predavača i goste iz hrvatske i nekoliko europskih zemalja.
DORS ’96 održani su sredinom travnja ove godine, sa temom “Multimedija u otvorenim sustavima”. Održan je velik broj predavanja, uz inozemne goste; održane su tri radionice i izložba, sve uz redovno godišnje okupljanje članova.
 Sa temom “Otvoreno računarstvo u modernom poslovanju” DORS ’95 održani su u travnju 1995., a kao i godinu prije uključivali su konferenciju, seminare, izložbu i godišnje okupljanje članova.
DORS1994DORS ’94 sa temom “Otvoreno računarstvo” održani su u siječnju 1994. godine, uz podršku Izvršnog odbora EurOpen-a, koji je istodobno organizirao susret u Zagrebu.

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