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Dani otvoreni računalnih sustava / Croatian Linux users' conference

Workshops schedule published – please register!

DORS/CLUC 2023 workshops schedule has been published. Check it out, and please register using appropriate forms on the schedule page! Registering will help speakers and organizers plan, as the number of workshop seats is limited!

DORS/CLUC 2023 is ready – find out what’s going to happen!

We are proud to announce we are ready for this year’s DORS/CLUC conference. Read on to find out what it is!

Open 4 Business

We are happy to announce that a business networking event, called Open 4 Business, will take place as part of the DORS/CLUC conference. DORS/CLUC is a community event, and we are not changing this. But, this community has been able to maintain DORS/CLUC going on for almost 30 years because we also do business. And…
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Talk announcement – Exploring the Synergy of Open Source Software and Generative AI Models by Hans de Raad

Hans de Raad CEO of OpenNovations will hold a talk that explores the emerging advancements in software development, focusing on the intersection of open source software and generative AI models. Through an objective and factual lens, we will examine the opportunities and challenges these models present to software developers and development agencies.

Talk announcement – NGI Search 2nd Open Call by Nina Doklestić

Nina Doklestić Presenting as a Project manager of NGI Search project will hold a talk about introducing the topic of the EU funded as part of the NGI community project, NGI Search while explaining the technology/goals/European dimension behind the NGI community and NGI Search project.

Talk announcement – OpenStack cloud for advanced computing by Emir Imamagic

Emir Imamagic head of advanced computing department at University Computing Centre (SRCE) will hold a talk about the Croatian scientific and educational cloud (HR-ZOO) project led by SRCE provides a long-term advanced computing and storage resources and network connectivity for Croatian scientific and academic community. In this talk he will present our adventures in deploying…
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Talk announcement – Opening up algorithmic systems to public scrutiny by Brenno de Winter and Willy Tadema

Brenno de Winter (Chief Security and Privacy Operations at the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport) and Willy Tadema ( data science and AI ethics lead at the Dutch ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations) will hold a talk about how the Dutch government wants to create and use algorithms in a responsible and…
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Talk announcement – How to connect IoT to eduroam WiFi network by Dubravko Penezić

Dubravko Penezić head of the eduroam service will hold a talk about connecting IoT to the WiFi network and how much of a challenging task that is while presenting with lifelong questions like : Is it possible to connect all IoT to eduroam, if not which one is and how ? Did that broke any…
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Talk announcement – Just don’t do it – Databases in Kubernetes by Jan Karremans

Jan Karremans EDB’s Chief Evangelist, providing in-depth insights and on PostgreSQL will hold a talk that will take you on exploration of Cloud Native, Data on Kubernetes, why databases in containers make much sense, and why much of the fear is from a previous era. In this talk, you will see why more and more organizations…
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Talk announcement – How we created a cool little Linux device by Domagoj Karl

Domagoj Karl software engineer at Automotive Rimac Technology will hold a talk about that will show how they “redeveloped the wheel” of turning the car on and completely changing the car’s behavior by adding a simple Linux device to be the main interaction with a car even though it can fit in the palm of…
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