Thank you, Hyperglitch Ltd

Thank you, Hyperglitch Ltd

We want to extend a massive thank you to Hyperglitch Ltd for the outstanding digital conference badges they created for this year’s event. These badges are a true testament to the innovative spirit and technical expertise that Hyperglitch brings to the table.

Pushing the Boundaries of Conference Tech

Hyperglitch, a standout company from Zagreb, Croatia, really knocked it out of the park with these badges. They’re not your typical conference name tags; these are packed with cutting-edge features. With Hyperglitch’s background in hardware and software design, R&D, and prototyping, they’ve delivered badges that integrate seamlessly with our event’s digital setup, enhancing the overall experience for everyone involved.

Why These Badges Are Game-Changers

These badges do so much more than display your name or anything else you want them to. Equipped with IR technology, they make networking and hacking fun. This innovative approach adds a new layer of convenience and interactivity that we’ve never seen before. And they are really fun!

A Smooth Collaboration

The success of this project wouldn’t have been possible without the excellent collaboration between Hyperglitch and our organizing team. Their ability to understand our needs and deliver a functional and user-friendly design was exceptional. The whole process was smooth and efficient, thanks to their flexibility and expertise.

Looking Forward

As we enjoy the conference, we’re confident these digital badges will significantly enhance the experience for all attendees. Partnering with Hyperglitch has set a new standard for our events, and we’re excited to see where this collaboration will take us in the future.

Wrapping Up

To Igor Brkić and the entire Hyperglitch team, thank you for your incredible work. You’ve not only raised the bar for our conference but also set a benchmark for future events. We look forward to continued collaboration and more groundbreaking innovations.

For more about Hyperglitch and their impressive projects, check out their website.

Thank you, Hyperglitch Ltd for making this year’s conference an unforgettable experience!