Open 4 Business

What is Open 4 Business

Open 4 Business is an open source businesses’ networking event.


Open 4 Business will take place on the evening of the 10th of May, 18:00 – 20:00. That is the day before the conference program officially begins.


Open 4 Business will happen in the “Black hall”. When entering from the main entrance, go all the way right, through a glass tunnel, right until you get to the DORS/CLUC registration desk. DORS/CLUC staff will put up signs to navigate you to the exact location, but you will also see people getting the rest of the conference ready. Ask for help if you get lost.

Check the map if you need help getting to the venue.

Open 4 Business’ goals

  • emphasize that free software and Linux people are also business people
  • provide a platform for making sustainable and open business happen
  • promote business collaboration with open source projects
  • promote networking and collaboration between SMEs, freelancers and corporations to revitalize the people-hungry IT projects, by utilizing the value that open technologies provide.

This event will be held as an integral part of DORS/CLUC 2023 and is intended for everyone who is interested in establishing new business contacts, finding new projects and exchanging ideas with other experts. 

Entry to the Open 4 business event will be available to all visitors participating in the conference as employees, owners or representatives of companies or their own trades, but also to other business-oriented visitors interested in networking.

Please note that those interested in pitching at the start of the Open 4 Business event will be chosen by priority: sponsors and DORS/CLUC visitors first, then everyone else, until we run out of pitch slots.

Open 4 Business Companies

Currently, these companies are Open 4 Business:

How to join

Registrations are now closed, but feel free to drop by if you have a business idea.