We’re back with another stellar DORS/CLUC conference that was held once again at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb in 2023, featuring a group of outstanding speakers, amazing lectures and interesting conversations.

At a glance

You can check out the list of talks here!

And the list of workshops here!

A datathon happened, co-organized with Central governmnent office for the development of digital society

There were workshops for grade and high school teachers, or organized in cooperation with AZOO, ŠUZA

Open 4 Business was kicked off, featuring a networking event with over 25 company representatives!

Open 4 Business participants

These companies and organizations participated in the kick-off Open 4 Business event, and some of them even participated in the opening ice-breaker pitches. This quickly turned into a fun networking party, with snacks and drinks:

How it happened

Some of the highlights this year were keynote speakers Marko Budiselić, co-founder and CTO of the Croatian open source companies MemgraphJeffrey A. McGuire, Open Strategy PartnersLina Ceballos project manager at Free Software Foundation Europe and Zvonimir Sabljić, the founder of another Croatian open source company – Ptyhagora.

You can check out all of our 2023 speakers here.

The event opened with Marko Budiselić and his lecture How to survive at the intersection of open source, enterprise software and cloud offerings

Followed by Piotr Kolodziej and his lecture about Postgres – the present that shapes your future.

A quick coffee break happened

We had a workshop about Linux and Freee Software Tools


Next up simultaneously were Douglas DeMaio lecturing about What the Geeko Foundation is trying to achieve

And Nicolas Fränkel talking about Evolving your APIs, a pragmatic approach.

Domagoj Karl talked about How was one cool little Linux device created

while Bobur Umurzokov held his lecture about Powering AI Capabilities with API Management and OpenAI API.

Before our lunch break Emir Imamagić was talking about OpenStack cloud for advanced computing

At 12:30 PM lunch occurred of which we don’t have pictures since our photographers indulged in it as well so here’s a stock image of happy people eating lunch.

Following a tasty meal , Jeffrey A. McGuire know as Jam (rightfully so) ‘jammed’ on stage about Open Source Impact: What have we done? What more can we do?

Afterwards Davorin Horvat from our gold sponsor Nimium held a talk about Nginx Unit.

Nikola Modrušan held his talk about Establishment of Central Data Lake Repository and Business Analytics System.

Just before our next break Krunoslav Peter held lightning his talk about Measuring temperatures using the Raspberry Pi Pico: inside the RP2040, not outside.

A brief break occurred

After our jolly break we had a series of simultaneous lectures and workshops that go as following –

Snapping with Lucy workshop held by Lucy Llewellyn

Lego Spike Prime workshop held by Tomislav Jagušt

Jeffrey A. “Jam” McGuireBuild a Product Adoption Strategy on Technical Truth

Goran MahovlićAdding HW platforms for Envox EEZ Studio LVGL builder


Tvrtko SternakIntroducing FastKafka

Merlijn WajerMaemo Leste A Debian/Devuan based mobile hacker OS

Brenno de Winter Kittens Fixing Compliance

Ed Jones – Rust from Start to Snap

Marko LohertThe Future of WebAssembly

Dubravko PenezićHow to connect IoT to eduroam WiFi network

Canonical Open Community Competition workshop

VIDI-X: become a game developer in 60 minutes! workshop

Tomislav OvčarićAsynchronous monitoring of systemd services

David Dubrović Linux and free software in video production

Igor BuzatovićApache Kafka Universe

Damir IvankovićOpen Source in the dental practice – challenges and solutions

This lecture concluded our day 1 of DORS/CLUC 2023.

Day 2 started with some refreshing coffee to pump us up for many upcoming lectures and workshops!

Completing your first OpenStack deployment with OpenStack-Ansible workshop held by Dmitriy Rabotyagov

Artificial intelligence and machine learning in Python workshop held by Saida Deljac

Our keynote speaker Zvonimir Sabljić opened the day 2 lectures with Pythagora – how to get from 0 to 80% code coverage in 30 minutes?

Followed by Miodrag Prelec and Luka Matijević lecturing about Keycloak on Kubernetes

Meanwhile Hans de Raad held his lecture about Exploring the Synergy of Open Source Software and Generative AI Models (take one, and a half)

There we took a moment to fuel ourselves with the elixir of gods known as coffee and to share a laugh or two

Afterwards we got ready and had a lengthy period of lecture before our lunch break

Michal ZdybAnsible Automation Platform by Red Hat

Hans de RaadOpenDataConnected – how a test import run escalated into a community

Game of Graphs – Graph analytics on a GoT dataset workshop held by Katarina Šupe and Vlasta Pavičić

Ievgen PyrogovLessons from our infrastructure journey

Angela BakerTrust me, trust my open data

Nina DoklestićNGI Search 2nd Open Call

Jan Klopper and Brenno de Winter A feline approach to open security sources

Once again we had our lunch break and took a breather

Dmitriy Rabotyagov held his lecture about 5 reasons to use OpenStack in your organization

Lego Mindstorms robot inventor workshop held by Tomislav Jagušt

And Igor Ljubunčić & Alastair Flynn held their lecture about Canonical Hiring Fair

Meanwhile Datathon Team held their presentation – Datathon Teams Presentations

This is when we took our final coffee break and ventured towards our next speakers

Our final Keynote speaker Lina Ceballos held her lecture about EU Policy topics the whole Free Software community should know about

Next up was Alastair Flynn and his lecture about Kubernetes is not open source!

Last but not the least Dario Posarić & Dario Sindičić held their lecture about 500 days of Ansible

And finally we came to an end and held our Closing ceremony where our Organisers, Partners and Sponsors came together shared a few words , smiles and of course pictures. Srce prize game winners’ , Cannonical Open Community Contest winners’ , Datathon winners’ were announced , prizes given and our another DORS/CLUC event was happily concluded!

A HUGE thanks to our sponsors for DORS/CLUC 2023 !!

Looking forward to see you next year!