Hans de Raad

Hans de Raad

Hans de Raad is CEO of OpenNovations, distinguished conference speaker, highly respected independent ICT expert, consultant, and architect with a specialization in security, privacy, technical, and compliance issues that bridge the gap between business and ICT. As an active participant in various international forums such as ETSI cyber forums, ENISA, RQA, and Interoperable Europe, Hans brings a wealth of experience to the table.

Hans’s extensive background includes development, security assessments, training, consultancy, and project management for government agencies, enterprises, SMEs, and internet startups. His main motto is that “ICT should help to facilitate a process, not force it to restructure.”

OpenNovations, under Hans’s leadership, focuses on several main specialties such as ICT for healthcare and pharma, security audits, testing and consultancy, risk management advice and support, interim team leadership and management, business process management systems expertise, open-source application guidance, infrastructure specialization, information/document management advisory, and the integration of front and back-office systems.

Hans is well-versed in a wide range of specialties, including open source, open standards, software security, privacy, development coaching, identity management, computerized systems validation, ICT architecture, infrastructure management, data warehousing, e-archiving, business intelligence, and information governance.

At the conference, Hans will share his valuable insights on topics such as pharma, medtech, cybersecurity, data analytics, and information governance.