Porsche Digital Croatia

Porsche Digital Croatia

It all started in 2020 with the partnership between Porsche Digital, a digital subsidiary of the sports car manufacturer, and Infinum, a leading design and development company in Croatia.

Brought together by the same passion for quality, people and innovations, the two decided to combine mutual expertise and knowledge to start a company in Zagreb. Soon after, Porsche Digital Croatia came to life.

As a joint venture, we’re lucky to have the best of both worlds. This means Infinum’s culture and experience in software development, and Porsche’s quality, vast automotive expertise, and global projects that have never before been worked on in Croatia. Not to mention the cool cars we get to ride.

Our main mission – find and scale new digital business models and improve the quality of products within Porsche.

Our team is based in Zagreb and works hand in hand with skilled professionals from nine locations worldwide. We started as a company of 7 and now have more than 90 people doing what they love, learning & contributing in a fast-paced environment that values their opinion.

From software development to data science, and everything in between – we’re a curious bunch with different professional backgrounds who, when we find something that works, like to make it work even better.