Deborah Hustic

Deborah Hustic

Deborah Hustic is a multifaceted creative professional based in Zagreb, Croatia. With roles spanning from creative director and producer to senior project manager and curator at – Zagreb Makerspace (, Deborah’s expertise traverses various domains including media art, education, and sustainable community development.

She is known for her proficiency as a professional device disassembler and her passion for sound art, wearable technology, and device_art. Deborah has been actively involved in the DIY and DIWO electronics scene, participating in numerous festivals, exhibitions, and conferences both domestically and internationally.

For over 14 years, Deborah has been dedicated to exploring, designing, and developing sustainable models for hackerspaces, makerspaces, media labs, fablabs, and creative spaces. She is the founder of Textil{e}tronics, a project focused on curating, workshops, lectures, and production in the field of wearables and hybrid arts.

In her extensive career, Deborah has conducted workshops on creative electronics, eTextiles, system innovation, and design thinking for audiences ranging from children to adults. Outside of her professional endeavors, she enjoys collecting unusual retro and vintage objects, books, and ideas, as well as building sound(-ing) devices and exploring primitive technology.

Deborah is also a co-founder of the startup Intergalaktik (, further showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to innovation.

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