Open Education Hub – How to Create Open Source Educational Content

Open Education Hub – How to Create Open Source Educational Content

May 16, 2024 from 2:10 pm to 2:40 pm

Speaker: Teodor Dutu

In recent years, computer-aided learning has gained significant traction, offering learners automated tools like online courses and AI-driven tutoring. However, while learners benefit from these advancements, educators often find themselves with limited resources for developing and refining educational content.

To address this disparity, we introduce a groundbreaking approach leveraging the open-source collaborative model to produce, utilize, and disseminate top-tier educational material. Our methodology adheres to the 5 Rs of Open Educational Resources (OER): Furthermore, our methodology guidelines are openly available, aligning with the principles that they preach:

Through our methodology, we have developed open educational resources across various university courses. To complement these materials, we have also created open-source tools for deploying courses ( as well as for storing and evaluating student assignments and submissions ( In this presentation, we will showcase the impact and inherent challenges of employing such materials and tools, offering insights from both educator and learner perspectives.