Talk Announcement – “Advanced survey with SCEE” by Matija Nalis

Talk Announcement – “Advanced survey with SCEE” by Matija Nalis

Join us for an engaging talk by Matija Nalis, a free software and free data enthusiast with a passion for OpenStreetMap.

In this session, Matija will introduce SCEE (StreetComplete “Expert Edition”), a friendly fork of StreetComplete designed for advanced surveying in OpenStreetMap. Discover how SCEE extends the functionality of StreetComplete, providing advanced users with greater customizability and extra features for faster and more versatile data gathering.

Explore the unique capabilities of SCEE and learn how it allows users to tailor their experience to their current level of OpenStreetMap expertise without overwhelming them with complexity. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your surveying skills and contribute more effectively to OpenStreetMap with Matija Nalis.

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